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J-Night is the name of my 60 minute radio show at Offener Kanal Berlin (OKB), a non-commercial radio station in Berlin, Germany. The show is about popular japanese music (Pop, Rock, R&B, Dance, House, Jazz etc.). It does not primarily target listeners who are already familiar with japanese music (but they are, of course, welcome too). The purpose is to win new fans for japanese music and to show people who never heard japanese music before the high standard of japanese music.
Usually the show runs every two weeks on Fridays from 9 through 10 pm CET. Because OKB approves airtime only for eight weeks in advance and I am in competition for airtime with other OKB users it is not guaranteed that the show will always run at the day and time of my wish. Therefore it is recommended to check this site regularly. Under »The next shows« I will list the shows that are already approved. You can listen to my show either through the Berlin cable system (frequency: 92.6) or through the livestream of the OKB programming on the internet.
To view the playlist of a particular show (songs listed in order of appearance in the show) please go to »Playlists« on the right hand side and pick the show your are looking for. If I release a playlist of an upcoming show it is preliminary. Last minute changes are possible. In case of any last minute changes I will renew the list afterwards. In case of tracks that have been released as a single and tracks from »Best of« compilations the year given is the release year of the single release. In case of album tracks the year given is the release year of the album.
You can vote for your favourite track from the songs I played in my show. Click to the »Vote« button in front of the track, then click to the »Submit« button. A new window will open and you can see the poll results. Of course you can vote for your favourite track even if you did not listen to the show.
Enjoy the show. If you have questions or comments please send your feedback to: mail@asiapop.de.

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